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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SDH Presents from Grantland.com: Knicks Sign Phil Jackson, Angry Knicks Fan Still Angry

Eugene Faison is a passionate +New York Knicks fan who is angry. Occasionally, events during a Knicks game will infuriate him and he will go on a tirade. Eugene's outbursts are often caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube under the moniker "Angry Knicks Fan." After stumbling upon his videos, the Grantland staff decided to make a mix tape of our favorite Angry Knicks Fan moment from thus far in the Knicks' grueling 2013-14 season. We think Eugene is as hilarious as he is angry and we encourage you to visit and subscribe to his YouTube channel at Youtube.com/AKF2014. Be forewarned, this and his other videos contain language that many will consider vulgar and/or offensive.  You can catch +Grantland and and always keep up with all 30 +NBA teams right here on +Slap Dog Hoops.  Be sure to stay tuned to SDH in the coming weeks as I will be recapping, reviewing and ranking the performances of all thirty teams in the Association in my Worst to First Countdown. 

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