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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SDH Presents from Grantland.com: Players Bill and Jalen Are Happy Made the Playoffs | Bill and Jalen's Playoffs Preview

Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose celebrate the trying careers of +Brooklyn Nets Shaun Livingston, +Charlotte Bobcats Al Jefferson, +Paul Pierce, +Dallas Mavericks +Dirk Nowitzki, +Chicago Bulls +Joakim Noah, and +Jimmer Fredette as they answer the question, "What's your starting five of playoff guys who make you say, 'I'm happy for him'"?  You can catch +Grantland and and always keep up with all 30 +NBA teams right here on +Slap Dog Hoops.  Be sure to stay tuned to SDH in the coming weeks as I will be recapping, reviewing and ranking the performances of all thirty teams in the Association in my Worst to First Countdown.