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Friday, October 24, 2014

SDH Presents Snake Streetball Freestyle Tutorial - Breakdown Moves 4

Step by step instructions on how to do three of the best breakdown moves - the Rob K Cross, Illusion Cross and Sneaky Spin. Learn how to do these killer crossovers and ankle breaking moves in a way that will have you shaking and tricking defenders like crazy. You can use these moves in fundamental basketball, streetball, and as freestyle basketball tricks. Be sure to work on these dribbling moves and add them to your repertoire if you really want to get some oohs and ahhs with your handles.

All three of these breakdown moves use some unique tactics where you move the ball in the opposite direction of your body to confuse the defender. Some of these moves use this technique as part of the setup and others use it when you're actually moving past your defender. Either way, if you perfect them you'll be breaking ankles and stunning defenders with these killer crossovers and sick moves! Catch more great helpful, entertaining and challenging videos to help perfect your game and watch them being done in practice right here on +Slap Dog HoopsAlso, please be kind enough to share this post by simply clicking the Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest buttons below.  It would be greatly appreciated; Thanks!